Tesla Model S vs Model X The Tesla Showdown

To all YOU Tesla lovers out there, I want to know, do you have a preference for the Model S or the Model X? Now I’ve been testing a Model S for the past 5 months but I had the opportunity to drive around in a beautiful Model X all day, and I’m starting to wonder if I made the right decision.

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By the end of this post, you’re going to find out whether or not I have buyer’s remorse or if I’m perfectly happy with my decision to get the Model S. So without further ado, let’s go check out what makes the Model 3 so different from the Model S and also what makes it so similar.

To prepare for our 2000+ road trip to California this week, we dropped our Model S off to get serviced, and we were given a Model X as a loaner car for the day. Here are the similarities and differences I noticed between the two cars.

Which Is Bigger The Model X Or The Model S?

Well here’s the thing, they’re both similar from what I can see. The Model X just looks like a larger version of the Model S but not that much bigger. The main difference between the two is that one is a sedan and one is an SUV.

Battery Configuration

You can even get them configured with the same combinations of battery packs and electric motors, although with the Model X, you only have the option of doing the all-wheel drive, which is different from the Model S.

For example, when we first got our Model S, we had the option of getting the Model S 75 D or just the Model S 75. With the Model X, you don’t have that option. You can only get the D with the Model X. Now keep in mind, with the newer versions of the Model S, the same thing’s going to happen. Now I’m strictly talking about the older versions of the Model X and the Model S.

So we had that option but now going forward, people who buy the new Model S’s, they’re not going to have that option either. So it’s only the D going forward for all the Tesla models. Now although the Model S and the Model X are very similar because the Model S weighs more, you can expect that to affect its speed and distance.

So for example, if you have a Model X and a Model S that are configured the same way you can expect the Model X to go about 20 fewer miles than the Model S and be half a second slower when going 0 to 60 miles per hour.

But in the grand scheme of things does it matter? Because when it comes to Tesla, the Model S and the Model X are the creams of the crop when it comes to both speed and distance in electric cars.

Door Mechanism

Now, what about the physical appearance of the two vehicles? Most notably there are the falcon-wing doors that fold up and out on the Model X, a show-stopping feature that’s guaranteed to impress friends and get you lots of looks out in public.

Other than it being an impressive party trick to show off, I think it also serves the functional purpose of creating a larger opening for people to get into and easier access to the 2nd and 3rd rows.

So there’s a lot of different ways to open this pretty cool car. One way is via the key fob. Which you can double click the side of it, it’ll open it or it’ll close it. And another way is to just push the handle in and then another way.

If you want to close it you can do it from inside the car. Speaking of opening doors, another function the Model X has that the Model S doesn’t is the option to upgrade your X to self-presenting doors. They open automatically as you walk towards them, which is cool.

The doors will also close when you step on the brake. Or you can just control the doors from the touchscreen. One drawback to the falcon-wing doors is that because part of the roof is now the door, you can’t mount a roof rack to the Model X.

With the Model S, however, you don’t have the problem. Teslarati posted a roof rack review with photos of what the Tesla Model S looks like with one installed.


Another thing I loved about the X is the panoramic windshield vs the all-glass roof of the Model S. While I love both, the glass roof in the Model S benefits the passengers more than it does the driver because of where it’s located. Whereas the panoramic windshield in the Model X is upfront. So it was nice to experience a nice view for once while I was driving the Model X.


The only minor annoyance I had was with the driver and passenger mirrors. They seem a little flimsy so they vibrate when you’re driving the car, which can be distracting.

Wheel Styles

Another difference is the wheels. On the Model X, you get 20-inch wheels as standard and you can upgrade up to 22-inch wheels. On the Model S, 19-inch comes standard and you can upgrade to 21.


One thing I find cool is how many seats you can have in the Model X, of course, it only comes standard with 5 but you can pay a little bit extra to have 7 which is great if you have a family or if you just travel a lot with a lot of different people.

We don’t need that many seats in our vehicle so for that reason the extra seats are not necessarily a plus for us, we’re perfectly fine with having the number of seats that we have in our Model S.

One thing I don’t like about the seats in the older model is the inability to fold the middle row seats down. With the older model that we were given as a loaner, we noticed the mobility of the middle row was limited to just scooting forward and at a slightly downward angle, but that’s pretty much it.

You can’t fold them down. Although I do think it’s cool you can control the seats from the touchscreen. Now the newer Model X versions, however, do offer the functionality of being able to fold flat both the middle and third-row seats.

BUT, they only offer it with their 7-seat interior and 5-seat interior. If you get the 6-seat interior, only the third-row seats fold flat, and not the middle row.

Trunk Space

The Model S trunk is surprisingly spacious. And when we fold the rear seats down, we can fit a blow up mattress back there and camp out during road trips. With the older Model X, you can’t do that. While you can fold the rear seats down, they aren’t flush.

The bottom of the trunk is not even with the folded seats, therefore it does not create a seamlessly smooth surface suitable for laying down on. And even if you do try to lay down, because the middle seats don’t fold down, your entire body won’t be able to stretch out as it can in the Model S.

Field Of Vision

One other disadvantage of the design of the seats is how it obstructs the rearview mirror. I didn’t like how when I looked through the rearview mirror, my field of vision was more limited with the Model X.

In the Model S, the headrest of the middle seat in the back is slightly lower than the other two, which helps me see better. One other thing to note about the Model X is there are just a couple of design flaws.

Design Flaws

For example with the Falcon Wing Doors, sometimes they make a creaking sound. Okay so that’s it, we just got finished inspecting everything. At the end of the day it seems that Model X is very similar to the Model S, it’s just a lot cooler.

I mean those Falcon doors look futuristic. But I don’t think that it makes me regret getting a Model S. I’m still really happy with my decision to get a Model S and I don’t think I’ll be getting a Model X anytime soon.

Unless we have a family shortly, we might change our minds, I don’t know we’ll see you you’ll have to stay tuned for that. But until them, I’m going to enjoy driving this around a little bit more before I have to turn it back in.

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