Tesla’s NEW Carbon Wrapped Motor is REVOLUTIONARY

Failure is a topic that we don’t often talk about, but today I’d like us to revisit a particular failure: the Tesla failure of the first model roadster.

Today, we’re going to be talking about Tesla’s new carbon-wrapped motor. It was a new and creative innovation that changed the market.

It destroyed any competition it had, but today we’re going to take a look at the specs, evaluate it overall, and discuss why it is the best on the market.

First, let us talk about Tesla’s history to understand why this is the best in the market. It was the aim of Tesla motors when it was established to develop an electric sports car.

The company received funding from various sources, including PayPal co-founder Elon Musk who invested more than 30 million dollars in the new venture and served as chairman of the board of directors.

Tesla was founded in California in 2003 after years of development. Tesla Motors unveiled its first car in 2008, the completely electric roadster, which has a range of 245 miles 394 kilometers on a single charge.

An unprecedented range for a production electric vehicle. Additional testing showed that the roadster’s performance was on par with that of many gasoline-powered sports cars.

The roadster going from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than four seconds and reaching a top speed of 125 miles per hour in less than three minutes.

200 kph is the maximum speed because it did not have an internal combustion engine. Instead, carbon fiber was utilized to build the car’s lightweight body, which allowed it to be very light.

There were no tailpipe emissions from the roadster. Tesla motors found that the car’s fuel efficiency figures were equivalent to 130 miles per gallon of gasoline.

Its electric motor was powered by lithium-ion cells, which are widely found in laptop batteries and could be recharged using a standard electric outlet, even though the vehicle qualified for $7,500 of federal tax credit for purchasing an electric car.

Because of the roadster’s $109,000 price tag, it was considered a high-end item. Tesla’s initial public offering was led by Musk, who was appointed CEO.

While the roadster batteries were located in the front, the Model’s batteries were located under the floor, allowing for more storage space in the front and improving handling due to the vehicle’s low center of gravity.

Making the introduction of the carbon-wrapped motor another mind-blowing addition to the new Tesla Model S plaids impressive spec list ever since the ambitious company unveiled the roadster back in 2008.

The company has been the industry leader when it comes to electric vehicles.

Still, with a couple of promising new EV startups vying for that throne and a number of well-established automotive companies going electric, everyone was holding their breath while waiting for the new Tesla Model S plaid to arrive.

Tesla has gained an intriguing new capability with the new carbon-wrapped motor.

The new motor allows Tesla to make an electromagnetic field highly efficient while maintaining a tight separation even at very high rpm.

Someone on Twitter shared his in-depth thoughts on this new surprise feature and the electromagnetism that the new motor would bring about on a Twitter post.

He then proceeded to ask Elon if the motors are magnetized after they have been assembled, which he was told they were.

Elon responded to the post and stated that Tesla Motor S carbon wrapped motor is the most advanced motor on earth.

He also stated that Tesla had a few ideas for increasing torque and rpm. The motors are small enough to be carried by a single person while also being capable of achieving insanely high RPMs.

If accelerating a two-ton vehicle from zero to sixty miles an hour in less than two seconds isn’t insane, we don’t know what is.

In another series of tweets, the researcher explained how they developed the motors.

Elon Musk’s preferred methods of communication the Tesla CEO went into greater detail about the machine they had designed to manufacture the carbon ramped motors and how the fiber wound over the rotor at a high tension load.

The machine used to do this was made by Tesla automation, originally known as Grohmann engineering, and has its headquarters in Fremont, California.

Elon also went into more detail about how the fiber is coiled, explaining that it’s coiled at a high tension strain off the rotor and that Tesla automation developed the machinery that wrapped it.

The company changed its name to Tesla automation in 2016, and its headquarters are in Prüm, Germany.

The carbon sleeve must squeeze the copper rotor in order for it not to loosen at low temperatures; otherwise, this is caused by variation in thermal expansion.

As stated by Yuan, a significant benefit of the new motor is that it generates a stronger electromagnetic field than a standard steel or aluminum rotor.

In addition, the carbon sleeve prevents the copper rotor from expanding as a result of a sudden increase in speed, enabling the rotor to spin at a greater rate of rotation.

The eccentric billionaire even hinted that a higher rpm version coming to the next roadster were excellent performances.

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We were hoping to hear about the new powertrain technology that Tesla’s developed as part of its palladium program for the updated version of the electric car.

We were hoping to hear about it during the unveiling of the new models and the delivery ceremony last week.

Surprisingly, the company CEO did not detail the new technology, instead simply stating that the car would have a brand new battery pack.

Another benefit is that the rotor can spin at greater speeds per minute, mostly because the carbon sleeve stops the copper rotor from expanding due to the radical acceleration that occurs.

The Model S plaid is now the fastest production car on the planet, thanks to Tesla’s super ambitious and arguably the best engineering team you could ask for.

Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, this four-door electric sedan beats all your McLarens, Bugattis, and Ferraris in a drag race thanks to tens with super high ambitions and the Model S Tesla.

From what we can tell, driving the Model S plaid at high speeds is both intense and insanely fun at the same time. But, according to Elon Musk, you have to experience it to believe it.

The heart-wrenching intensity does subside a little bit once you realize how safe it is for you and your passengers to be in the Model S plant.

Model S plaid will be faster than any Porsche and safer than any Volvo now on the road, according to Elon mask.

Tesla is out for blood in the electric vehicle game, and its habit of breaking records will only get better until the roadster is out in 2022. The plaid Tesla Model S is a visual delight, and it is a pleasure to drive as well.

Tesla has stated it previously, and everyone was aware that this would be an upgrade to the Model S.

However, no one anticipated the extent of this upgrade which includes tweaks and improvements in nearly every aspect of the vehicle.

The Model S could have easily served as a standalone vehicle; however, their most significant improvement to date is the marvel of engineering that is the Model 3.

Although the tri-motor model has a range of 390 miles, Elon claims that the cheaper dual-motor variant can go 412 miles or 420 miles if you want to be conservative.

Recharging times have also improved, with 187 miles of range available from just 15 minutes of charge using a 480-volt supercharger.

One thing is certain, Tesla’s new carbon-wrapped motors could herald a paradigm shift in how we design and manufacture vehicles in the future.

The tri-motor powertrain in the Model S plaid could also be used in the new highly anticipated 2022 roadster, which could achieve greater performance based on the smaller form factor alone.

Now it appears that Tesla may be moving the powertrain technology as well.

The introduction of a new digital instrument cluster, as well as a landscape orientation infotainment system that is comparable in power to the PlayStation 5.

The addition of the new screen for rear passengers as well as some hidden havoc vent distinguishes the Model S plaid from its predecessors.

Not to mention the controversial yolk steering wheel, which will take some getting used to.

So what’s your take on these new carbon-wrapped motors? Do you think that it’s the future one that all-electric vehicles would have to follow?

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