Why Tesla Will Remain The Leader in EV Battery Technology?

Tesla’s newest battery technology found in the Model 3, and the Model Y, are designed to last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles. This makes Tesla’s batteries the longest lasting batteries in the automotive industry.

Their batteries can quickly charge up because they have superior battery management systems and superior cooling technology.

Tesla’s pace of innovation and the constant improvement of their technology has led them where they are today as the market leader in both EVs, and also batteries themselves.

However, Tesla is not one to sit back and rest on their successes; they are continually pushing forward and getting better and better technology.

We will have a lot more details of Tesla’s plans and a lot of detail of how they have improved their battery tech, but it does seem like Tesla is going to reveal details at this battery day for the 1 million mile battery.

According to this article from Reuters, “The new million-mile battery at the center of Tesla strategy was jointly developed with China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology, or CATL, and deploys technology developed by Tesla.

Together with a collaboration with a team of academic battery experts recruited by Elon Musk,”.

Tesla is a clear leader in automotive battery technology, but here are some reasons why I believe they will maintain their lead and maybe even grow their lead in the future.

Tesla Battery Data

The first reason is that they have the most real-world battery data over any other auto manufacturer.

Tesla has a large number of vehicles currently on the road, and if you take a look at this chart, you can see their growth from 2012 selling only 2650 Model S sedans, to where their sales numbers ended in 2019 at 367485 vehicles delivered that year.

Tesla’s Deliveries

YearModel S/XModel 3Total
2020 Q112,20076,20088,400

Of course, in the first quarter of 2020, even with all the issues in the world, they still delivered eighty 88400 vehicles.

Tesla has nearly 1 million vehicles on the road, and they are continuously collecting data from these vehicles so they can learn and improve their battery tech, and how they control those batteries with their battery management systems.

On top of that, they have over 500,000 of the Model 3 and Model Y on the road. They have their newest version of battery tech and have tons of experience with that version.

No other company has this much data, and this gives Tesla a significant advantage. But beyond real-world data, another big reason why I believe Tesla will maintain their lead in battery technology is because of its battery testing and research team.

As was mentioned in the Reuters article before, Tesla recruited a team of academic experts and researchers to develop their new EV battery technology.

If you do a little bit of digging, it becomes obvious who that academic team and who those researchers are.

Their chief expert is a guy named Jeff Dahn. According to the Jeff Dahn Research Group website, Jeff Dahn is recognized as one of the pioneering developers of the lithium-ion battery, which is now used worldwide in laptop computers and cell phones.

Don’s recent work has concentrated on increasing the energy density and proving the lifetime and lowering the cost of lithium-ion batteries.

The Jeff Dahn research groupOpens in a new tab. works out of Dalhousie University in Canada. According to their website, this lab focuses on the physics and chemistry of materials for energy storage, primarily in the area of lithium-ion batteries.

Our industrial sponsor is Tesla Motors/ energy, the world leader in electric vehicles and energy storage products.

Jeff Dahn and his research group at the University have an exclusive contract with Tesla, and they are continually working with Tesla to improve its battery technology.

In a Fortune article published in June of 2015 entitled “Meet Tesla’s new weapon battery scientists.”

They said Tesla Motors had signed a five-year exclusive partnership this week with Jeff Dahn, a leading lift-ion battery researcher, and professor at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

The exclusive partnership with Tesla will begin in June 2016, once Don has completed the 3m research project.

Jeff Dahn’s research and his credibility are some of the reasons I’m very bullish on battery technology from Tesla.

Gally from hyper change TV recently mentioned a company called NovonixOpens in a new tab., which is related to Tesla’s battery research.

According to their website, Novonix is a company spun out of Dr. Jeff Dahn’s lab at Dalhousie University that specializes in developing equipment with a strong focus on the use of high precision Coulometry or HPC for reliable lifetime evaluation of lithium-ion cells.

This testing method that was developed by Jeff Dahn and his research group allows Tesla to test more and more batteries to figure out the best way to have the longest-lasting battery.

It shortens the period it takes to test the lifetime of a battery, thus allowing your pace of innovation to be faster. All this seems to show that Tesla has an exclusive contract with one of the leading experts in lithium-ion technology.

He is using that expertise to help push the life of Tesla’s batteries even further out, hopefully leading to this 1 million mile battery that we believe will be unveiled soon.

Another reason why I believe that Tesla is going to remain the leader is because of the engineering talent that they attract/ recently Kevin O’Leary from the shark tank went on CNBC to talk about Tesla stock.

According to a video clip that was uploaded to Twitter, he quoted Kevin O’Leary saying, “I was a hater of Tesla for a long time until I realized that all the engineers want to work for Tesla.”

I ended up buying some of their stock, and now it’s my best performing. It’s not a car company; it’s a data company, it’s about autonomous driving.

If you think about it, it becomes evident to them why they attract top talent because they are the leader, and they are the ones pushing forward technology.

A good engineer wants to work for a cutting-edge company that is doing groundbreaking research. Tesla is that company, and because of this, they are attracting the best of the best engineers. With the best engineers, you, of course, engineer the best product.

The last big reason why I believe that Tesla is going to maintain its lead in battery tech is because of the recent acquisition of Maxwell technologies.

Maxwell technologies were best known for making ultracapacitors. According to their website, all Maxwell ultracapacitors are manufactured with a proprietary dry electrode process, which has many advantages over the wet electrode processes used in competitor’s cells.

This dry electrode technology is the key reason why I believe that Tesla purchased maxwell technologies.

One of the key quotes from this article stated, “in this paper, we report a truly solvent list dry battery electrode coating technology developed by Maxwell technologies that can be scalable for classical and advanced battery chemistry.

Unlike conventional slurry cast and wet coated electrode, Maxwell’s DBE, or a dry battery electrode, offers significantly higher loading and produces a thick electrode that allows for high energy density cells without compromising the physical properties, and electrochemical performance.

Maxwell’s DBE drive battery electrode exhibits better discharge rate capability than those of wet coated electrode”.

When you mix this all together, Tesla has the best battery tech now. They have the most data collected on that battery tech. They have the best engineers, the best researchers, and they also have this dry battery electrode technology.

This makes manufacturing batteries more efficient, and, I believe, is used to create a longer-lasting battery.

I can’t wait till the battery investor day when we’ll find out more details about the things we’ve talked about, but overall it’s easy to see that Tesla is going to remain the leader and battery technology for quite a long time.

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