2021 Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Accessories

Tesla’s vehicles are getting more and more popular by the day, and while they make incredible cars, there are always things that could be improved in them, for fairly cheap. 

Certain accessories are must-haves when buying a new Tesla, so today, we’re going to dive into the best accessories you need for your new Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. 

While these cars are incredibly similar, a few accesses differ between them, so I’ll be sure to detail all of the differences and break them all down. 

I actually own both of these cars, so I’ve bought accessories for both, and we’re going to break all of that down. Everything I talk about will be linked in the description below for easy access, so let’s get into it.


There will be a wide range of accessories that we talk about today, ranging from absolute essentials to general improvements and fun things for the car, but let’s start with essential accessory #1.

The first essential accessory for a Tesla Model 3 or Y is a screen protectorOpens in a new tab.. These cars share the exact same screen, 15 inches, so buying a screen protector for either car will work perfectly. 

The screen in these cars controls nearly everything you do in the car, and if anything were to go wrong, that repair would be expensive. 

It’s a strong glass screen, just like a smartphone, but it’s always a good idea to protect it when possible. For me, in my Tesla Model Y, I have the Elon Accessories screen protector. 

This screen protector does a great job, fits perfectly, includes a lifetime guarantee for avoiding scratches or damage to the screen, and is fingerprint-proof. 

Not only is the included screen in these cars something you could scratch or damage, but it’s an absolute fingerprint magnet. 

When the sun catches it in the right light, you’ll get a nice view of all the fingerprints you’ve left on it over the course of owning it, and this screen protector dramatically reduces those. 

Additionally, this matte screen protectorOpens in a new tab. greatly reduces glare from the sun at certain times of the day. I think buying a matte screen protector is ideal for all of these features, including protection, fingerprints, and glare.

On my Model 3, I actually tried out a cheaper, top-fit screen protector from AmazonOpens in a new tab.

It’s not supporting a small business and not quite the same experience as Elon Accessories, but the screen protector has worked just as well in my experience so far, but it has been less than a year, so we’ll see how that one holds up. 

The next essential accessory is floor mats. Depending on your configuration, your Tesla may or may not come with floor mats, but they are definitely not made for all types of weather and will take shampooing to clean. 

All-weather floor mats are a great optionOpens in a new tab., but sometimes they can feel a bit hard or rubbery, and that’s where the 3D max-pider floor mats come in. 

The 3D Maxpider floor mats are made for both the Model Y or Model 3, and you want to specifically select the car when ordering because they fit differently in each. 

These floor mats are specifically great because of the texture they have. They do a really great job trapping water, mud, or general dirt, without having it slosh around or feel too hard or rubbery.

I have these mats in both our Model 3 and Model Y, and they have been great. Easy to vacuum, and then easy to wipe down with a cloth when they get dirty. 

You can buy the standard pack, which only includes the front seats and rear seat mats, but I especially love that 3D Maxpider makes mats for the entire car. 

I have the full package in my Model Y, including a mat for the front trunk, a mat for the trunk, side wells, and under storage compartment, protecting all of those areas when loading in cargo. 

The only problem is that when folding the rear seats down, and putting long objects through, which is one of the best features of the Model Y, you end up putting the object on the normal back of the rear seats. Luckily, 3D Maxpider just released a new product for this purpose. 

These new mats attach to the back of the rear seats so that when you load in an object with seats folded down, you are putting it 100% on these strong all-weather floor mats, as opposed to the carpet on the back of the seats. 

It protects your interior, makes it way easier to clean, and if you were to damage the mats with heavy sharp cargo, you could replace those instead of being stuck with a damaged interior in your Model Y. 

They sell these mats in all sorts of configurations for both cars, and they are the best and most versatile option around for both Model 3 and Model Y owners. 

Next up is an accessory that isn’t essential but definitely fun to have: the performance pedals. 

The Model 3 and Y performance models include cooler-looking pedals, but the standard or long-range models include normal black pedals. 

These pedals replace those by fitting over them or replacing them altogether, and they look great and are easily replaceable if they were to wear out over time. I put these on both our Model 3 and Model Y, and they look great.

Next up is another essential accessory for the Model 3 and Y, depending on where you are located. Both the Model 3 and Y are designed not to have a front license plate.

However, I live in California, and a front license plate is actually legally required. 

Tesla gives you a front plate bracket that attaches with 3M tape for your required front license plate, but once this is on there, it’s on there for good. 

Removing it and replacing it could damage your bumper and paint. In comes the QuickBandit. 

The QuickBandit is an incredibly well-made accessory that clamps onto the vent right under your bumper.Opens in a new tab.

It places the front license plate in the perfect spot, doesn’t damage anything on the car, and can be removed incredibly easily. 

There is a tool to screw in the security screw so that nobody can take it, and then it comes right off, allowing your car to look great without that front plate. The Model 3 and Y are different shapes, so you need to buy the right one. 

I have this for both my Model Y and Model 3, and it has served me incredibly well so far, allowing me to have my required plate but take it off for videos. 

Next up is an accessory that depends on your personal taste and which month you bought your car in. The dashboard has a wood panel across the front that doesn’t extend into the doors for my Model Y. 

The Model 3 and Y have a panel extending into the doors, so this accessory might not exactly fit those, but it works great when the dash has the wood. 

I personally don’t like this wood panel, and it feels kind of out of place for the overall matte look I’m going for in the car. 

Some people will have this wrapped, and if you get it professionally done, it can look great, but I didn’t want to do that or wrap it myself. 

Instead, I bought this cover for the wood trim on the dashboard, and it’s matte grey to match the rest of the dash. 

So far, it has been great, makes the dash easier to clean, and is attached very easily with 3M tape. 

I just noticed when shooting that it is coming off of the corner a little, so I may need to reattach it with more 3M tape, but that has been my only issue thus far. 

They sell other colors of this same piece, so it can be a great way for you to customize your dashboard incredibly easily. 

Next up is something I think most people will love, center console organizers. In both Tesla’s new and old center console, there is a lot of space. 

It’s great to have, but sometimes things just end up in a big pile at the bottom of it, and it can really become a mess. 

The new refreshed Model S has a great compartment system with cup holders, organizers, and more than all sliders around, making that center console very versatile. 

Luckily, there are center console organizers for the Model 3 and Y now that can do a fairly similar task. Here are the center console organizers for the new Tesla center console. 

For review, this is the console with a matte finish and sliding drawer. Underneath that sliding drawer, this divider fits in perfectly and can actually slide itself within that space. 

It organizes everything you need, then slides perfectly out of the way if you need to grab something below it. It really feels like something the car would have come with. 

Then, another console organizer for the armrest part of the console fits right in and is perfect for organizing whatever you may need. 

Both of these come in a package that is linked below, and I think they are a must-have for newly delivered Model 3’s and Ys with this console. 

If you have the older center console with gloss doors that fold, there are center console organizers for those as well that fits right where you need them. 

Both will be linked in the description below. However, if you want more of a high-tech organizer, that’s where Jeda comes into play. 

Jeda makes docks and drives for Teslas, and their Model 3 and Y

dock has been an essential accessory for a long time now. On old center consoles, their USB hub expands 2 USB ports to allow you to get six ports in one package. 

It also includes a hideaway door for a sentry mode drive to be hidden away and does a great job. 

If you want to go the extra mile, they also sell their own Jeda SSD that magnetically connects right to the dock for 256GB of sentry mode storage that is super easy to take in and out. 

Another option here would be to buy an SSD, like the one from Pure Tesla, linked below, and using that with the Jeda dock.

Now, all of that is for Tesla’s old center console, and this will apply if you bought used, are before the last year or so. 

For current center consoles, Jeda has a new organizer that’s a USB hub, center console organizer, storage tray, and wireless charger all in one.

It plugs into your 2 USB-C ports in the car, gives you four ports from those, an Apple Watch charger and an AirPods wireless charger. 

For me personally, I don’t need to charge these devices that often, so I haven’t purchased this and went the more traditional organizer route, but it can be a great option if you want it. 

All of these Jeda accessories are linked below. The last accessory specifically regarding the center console is a wrap. First, if you have the old center console, I think this is essential. 

The old console was gloss black, a fingerprint magnet, and had lots of glare, but wrapping it with something you like, like a matte finish, gets rid of it. 

You can buy a vinyl wrap, and those look great, but for me, they are a little tough to install. So instead, I bought these plastic pieces that attach with 3M tape and work super well. 

The only downside is that they leave some glossy areas uncovered, whereas a vinyl wrap would cover them all for you. 

Then, if you have the new matte console but want to change things up, there are vinyl wraps for those as well, including matte black, carbon fiber, and more to customize your car. 

These can be a great way to protect your center console and add your own flair to the stock design.

The next accessory is something I recently added to my Model Y, a sunglasses holder. 

In Model 3 and Y, there’s no real dedicated place to put your sunglasses. You basically keep them in the case or throw them in a center console organizer. 

This sunglasses holder is specifically made for these cars and blends right into the screen. 

It’s hardly noticeable from the outside of the car and hides behind the screen when inside. So it doesn’t add any clunkiness to the minimalist design of these cars. 

It attaches fairly easily, has a soft inside to protect your glasses, and is really easy to use. 

The only downside is that when you use it, you can’t see where you are putting your glasses, but you get used to it really quickly, and it’s a great hidden design.

Next up is something that applies to certain recently purchased Model Y’s and all Model 3’s. Tesla’s more expensive cars, and now the Model Y include a large HEPA filter that enables bioweapon defense mode. 

This is an extra intense air filter that can help out a lot during fire season or anytime there is bad air quality in general, allowing your car to be a safe place to breathe.

Recently, Tesla added the HEPA filter to the Model Y, but before they added it, it included normal filters that the Model 3 still has as well. 

These filters do a good job, but a great option is to replace them with third-party HEPA filters to try and get a similar filtration to Tesla’s bioweapon defense mode. 

It’s never going to be as good as a large filter, but these filters can be changed out on your own, with a little bit of install, and they will make the air quality better in your car. 

I changed them out early on in my ownership, but they can also be great to have once your normal filter change is due.

Now speaking of the air quality in the Model 3 and Y, you’ll need an air freshener after a certain period of time owning the car. 

Most car air fresheners are kind of the worst, but there is one company making great, natural air fresheners for Teslas called Scent Wedge.

Scent Wedge makes all-natural air fresheners that fit perfectly into the front invisible AC strip on the Model 3 and Y. They have a number of different scents ranging from coastal forest to big sur, grounded, and more. 

For every kit of these fresheners they sell as well, they plant a tree, so it’s a great way to get a much better, sustainably sourced air freshener that will help the environment and fit perfectly into your car out of view.

You can check their different scents out listed in the description below. Next up is a fun little accessory from EV Annex. 

Usually, I end up throwing my trash into one of the sidewalks in my Model Y or 3, but this trash can fits right into the cup slot on the door, and it is heavily inspired by the same design language as the upcoming Cybertruck. 

If you’re a Tesla fan, it’s a fun little nod to that future truck and works as a very functional mini trash can for your Model 3 or Y. 

It’s not essential, and there are plenty of cheap options for this, but it’s a fun little design for your car.

Next, there are going to be some cleaning supplies you’ll need to take care of your car properly. 

Tesla’s are known for a tad softer painting, and regardless of what car you have, going through an automated wash will damage and scratch your paint. 

It just depends on how much you care. If you’re incredibly worried about it and want it to stay pristine, getting PPF is a great option, although expensive. 

PPF stands for paint protection film, and it’s essentially a clear film that covers the entire body of the car, preventing rock chips, scratches, and other things from hurting the paint since it absorbs it and can self heal with heat. 

I got PPF done on my entire Model Y, and so far, it has been great to have and makes the car incredibly easy to clean. 

I got it done at Detail Union in Monrovia, California, just east of Pasadena, and they did a great job, but they also have a new shop called 405 Motoring located in West LA. 

They have treated my cars incredibly well for PPF, ceramic coating, tinting, and general detailing, so I would definitely recommend them for those things if you want to get them. 

The Model 3 comes completely untainted, so it’s often something people want to do, as well as general detailing.

For washing the car, though, and detailing on your own, I’ve found chemical guys’ products to be great overall. 

I use their two bucket wash setup for properly washing the car, along with a pressure washer that happens to be the cheapest one I found. 

It has served me well for over a year and a half, and is really compact, and comes with different nozzles. 

I also use a foam cannon with this that I also found for cheap on Amazon, and it does a really great job as well. 

For cleaning products themselves, I use different car shampoos from Chemical guys and a few different sprays with different uses aside from a normal wash. 

I use speed wipe to detail the exterior, and this works particularly well on the matte black trim these cars now have. 

Then I use inner clean on the interior, streak-free glass cleaner on the windows, and after wash to get rid of any water spots. 

Pairing these with nice soft microfiber towels, also linked below, do a great job, and help you properly take care of your Model 3 or Y. 

Next up, if you find yourself charging a lot at J1772 plugs, you’ll use your included J1772 converter from Tesla that allows you to plugin.  This is extremely handy with these EV chargers, except they can be removed without any issue. 

So anyone can come up, unplug your car, and stop your charge. The converter will stay connected, so that part can’t get stolen, but you’ll stop charging. 

I actually had this happen to me where someone unplugged my car to charge theirs, and there was nothing I could do. 

So, I bought this cheap J1772 lock from Etsy that you put in between the converter and handle, and it prevents anyone from unplugging. 

Great to have on hand, and I just keep it with my converter in the glovebox. 

Last up today is an accessory that many people need, but I haven’t gotten yet living in southern California, mud flaps. 

The Model 3 and Y are known to kick up dirt, rocks, and debris that can damage the paint on the lower rear parts of the car. 

PPF can help significantly with this, but so can mudflaps, and they install fairly easily to help out in these situations. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different, great accessories to get for the Model Y and Model 3 to improve your experience with those cars. 

Some, like screen protectors and floor mats, are essential, while others aren’t, but will make your experience just that much better. 

Everything I talked about today is linked, in order, in the description below, so you can check out those products fairly easily. 

If you just bought a Tesla, congratulations, and I hope this article was helpful to get you started optimizing your ownership experience.

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