The Most INSANE Fact About New Tesla Model S Plaid Are…

Finally, after numerous delays, the new Tesla Model S plaid delivery event was held on the 10th of June 2021 at Tesla’s Fremont factory California.

The long-awaited rescheduled event was extravagant. The whole event was live-streamed so that the general public and hundreds of thousands of Tesla fans could attend it virtually.

The company invested a lot of effort to ensure that the occasion went without a hitch. They had to limit the number of guests and participants in order to guarantee their safety.

They were also required to have a negative Covid 19 test result received within 72 hours or proof of their vaccination. A Covid 19 safety and test waiver were to be signed by the attendees as well.

Complimentary parking was made available just off the cater road at Tesla’s south employee parking lot.

Although Tesla also recommended that the attendees use a rideshare service, it would not be overestimated to claim that the excitement was palpable.

Meanwhile, before the event, Tesla increased the Model S plaid’s price by ten thousand dollars. Now it will cost you one hundred and twenty-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars.

Tesla has also changed the color of the 21 21-inch arachnid wheels that now come in gray rather than silver. The single-charged driving range of the Tesla Model S plaid has been claimed to be 390 miles.

at the top speed of 200 miles per hour moreover, it is the fastest accelerating vehicle of Tesla whose three electric motors generating 1020 horsepower make it possible for the vehicle to
accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 1.99 seconds.

The quarter-mile time for Tesla Model S plaid is 9.23 seconds at the trap speed of 155 miles per hour. It’s actually faster than any sports car with an almost hard-to-believe drag coefficient.

Tesla’s not taking any additional orders for its Tesla model as plaid vehicles since it has sold out everything it’s currently capable of producing.

The testimonial as plaid designer Franz Von Holzhausen was the master of ceremonies and carried a slash hammer on stage to introduce Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

A humorous allusion to a previous event where fond Holzhausen smashed and shattered at cybertruck’s windows on stage.

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Mr. Musk made his entrance by driving a shiny black Tesla Model S around the test track. Mr. Musk started by remembering when the very first Tesla Model S was produced and manufactured at Fremont factory delivered to its first customers.

Since then, however, Tesla’s taken the vehicle to a completely new level with the 0 to 60 acceleration time poised to break the 2-second acceleration barrier, which no car produced has ever been able to do.

Mr. Musk also emphasized that the Tesla Model S plaid is faster than Porsche and safer than Volvo, even though the NHGSA has not yet provided any safety ratings for the new Tesla vehicle.

Tesla CEO claimed that his company would deliver the first 25 vehicles immediately and would produce hundreds to thousands of new vehicles per week in the next quarter of 2021.

No details were provided regarding the Model S plaid battery pack. However, Tesla CEO highlighted equipping the vehicles with an all-new battery pack. Tesla is thought to have used its in-house made 4680 battery cells.

At the event, Musk gave a brief introduction of the battery and showed some images of the vehicle’s drive unit. He spent a considerable amount of time describing the details of the motors carbon sleeved rotors. The end result is that the vehicle’s motor can deliver approximately 20,000 rpm.

The new heat pump, which functions to power the HVAC system of the Model S plaid, has a 30 percent improved efficiency when working in cold weather conditions consuming 50 percent less energy. Driving the Model S plaid feels like driving the future.

Mr. Musk also gave a brief description of the interior of the vehicle. Instead of the traditional steering wheel, the Model S plaid boasts a steering yoke.

Inside, you will find a 17-inch center touchscreen display with an 8-inch display for the rear seats, as well as charging ports for mobile phones and laptops at the front and rear seats.

Tesla Model S plaid comes with ventilated seats. Its front seats are designed in such a way as to provide passengers. The car is very quiet; it does not virtually produce any sound even at high speed while going down the highway. The car has also got an all-new UI.

The orientation of the main screen has been changed, making it easier, for example, to watch movies. The car can fast charge phones and laptops with its 36-watt USB-C.

As standard 2×2 inductive wireless chargers are set for the phones. The GPU guarantees a smooth gaming experience on par with that of PlayStation 5.

With the Tesla autopilot engaged, the car would take you wherever your heart desires, minimizing the input you are supposed to provide.

Mr musk emphasized that in autopilot mode, Tesla could guess what direction location and the route they would want to take.

The software has been designed in such a way as to learn your behavior. It will adapt itself according to your personal preferences and needs.
For example, to change the air conditioning settings and direction.

It can be paired with your phone and automatically open when you approach it. The software will keep on updating the sound system with the recent updates and dynamically adjust the streaming.

Mr. Musk also mentioned that Tesla had successfully installed 25,000 superchargers making it easier for any Tesla driver to drive almost anywhere they want, enjoying the incredible level of comfort of the Tesla Model S plaid.

Mr. Musk said on Twitter that Tesla had canceled the Model S plaid plus variant that would have cost the driver approximately 150 thousand dollars and promised a tantalizing battery range of approximately 520 miles.

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    The long-awaited rescheduled event was extravagant. The whole event was live-streamed so that the general public and hundreds of thousands of Tesla fans could attend it virtually.

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