Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt The EV Face Off

If I was getting one right now I would probably buy a mid-range model 3. You’re getting a car with more range, with more features, with the glass roof, you’re getting a supercharger network so there’s a lot of things that you’re getting that you’re not getting with the Bolt.

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One of the biggest complaints that I’ve seen on the forums, and on Twitter is that the Bolt seats are uncomfortable and I would agree with that. They’re not uncomfortable for just traveling around town but on road trips, they’re not very comfortable.

To me, that’s a valid complaint and if you’re smaller they might be more comfortable. I’m five-ten, and about two hundred pounds and, to me, they’re not very comfortable for longer trips.

When I’m just driving around town, which is probably ninety percent of what I did when I was driving the Bolt all the time, they were fun and the seats were fine.

I didn’t have a problem with just driving around town, twenty-thirty miles, even maybe an hour which is not that big of a deal, but longer trips they definitely will get to you. And there’s not a lot of wiggle room in them to shift around because the seats are narrow.

Rear View Camera

One of the things I like about the Bolt is the surround rear view camera or the overhead camera view. So when you go into reverse it gives you an overhead camera view where you can see and it makes it easy when you’re backing into a spot, or parking into a spot, you can see the lines in the parking space.

So you can see if you’re centered that is a cool feature, it’s probably my favorite thing about the Bolt and I hope that other car manufacturers implement this in the future.


Here we are sitting in model 3 and I think the first thing that you think of when you sit in model 3 is you think of tech, and I think that when most people think of Tesla they think of tech.

I think that’s a very accurate perception that they have because when my friends sit in this car they look at the center screen and they just go wow, they’re just blown away and for good reason.

It is a WOW factor when you see the screen, and when I explain to them that you get over-the-air updates and how the car just keeps getting better and better over time.

I explained to them on my red van 89 car when I got it in 2017 it didn’t have rear heated seats, and then all of a sudden a couple of months later I did an update and it has rear heated seats.

And then I explained to them how the braking has gotten better on these cars because they do an over-the-air update and that’s just something that just wires people.

It completely floors them, and I think that is a big advantage that Tesla has over the Bolt and some of these other people is their tech.

And when I think what I like better about the Tesla Model 3 versus the Bolt, that’s one of the first things I think of is the tech. When you see the tech in the Bolt, and you see the tech in the model 3, it’s clear that once far better than the other, but that’s one of the things I like better about the model 3.


I think the storage in the Chevy Bolt is pretty good. You can fold down the seats just like the model three. You can fold the seats forward and that gives you quite a bit of trunk space. If you pop open the hatchback lay down the seats I’ve fitted things in this little car so it’s nice.

The opening is really big, I mean for the size of the car it is. It’s really big, whereas model 3 the trunk openings big, but it’s not a hatchback so it’s somewhat more limited on what you can fit in there what you can stack up.

But there’s more carrying room if you fold the seats down in the model three, I think yeah it certainly looks that way but that’s my opinion on the trunk space.

Frunk Storage

Model 3 also has a front trunk, which most people call a fronk. The Chevy Bolt does not have a fronk. With model 3 it’s not a huge fronk but it’s nice I can put my racketball bag in there you can put a carry-on bag in there.

What I like to use it most for is, when I go pick up pizza I can put the pizza in the fronk so it doesn’t smell up my car so it’s a nice little feature that I think the Bolt misses out on.

Battery Range

We have taken this Bolt on a few different trips, we took the Bolt when we picked up the model 3. That was been 89 when we went to Morgan Hill to pick that up we drove the Bolt up there and that was not fun.

When we got up there I took the whole family it was two kids and two adults and when we got up there I had to charge I charged I had to charge on the way up there.

Which wasn’t so bad I pulled in and was able to find a charging point but when we got up there I needed to charge to come back and everywhere that I found on plug share two different charging stations I went to both of them had a Nissan Leaf in them.

I had no idea how long they were gonna be there, it was at both of them were at shopping malls and I had a little bit of range anxiety for the first time in the Bolt I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to charge.

Tesla Supercharger Network

To me with the supercharger network that Tesla has that’s a non-issue and it’s faster to me that’s the biggest advantage right now that Tesla has over anyone is the supercharger network.

So let’s talk mobile apps GM has their mobile app and then Tesla has their mobile app and you can look at the two apps and you can tell which one is a tech company.

Vehicle App

The Tesla app is way slicker, it looks more refined, the Bolt app works most of the time. I did have some bugs with it where it didn’t want to connect to the car but it worked most of the time.

And you can tell by just the look of it, one looks way more refined. And you know, it just looks like a newer, the Bolt app just looks outdated.

My 18 year old used our Bolt for quite a while and it was nice to be able to look and see in the Bolt app. It has this section called hard accelerations, and it was funny because I could monitor how fast he was driving or how fast he was accelerating. I could question him like what looks like you were kind of you had ten hard accelerations today, what was that about?

And just kind of joking around about it he’s a good driver so I’m just more of joking around but it’s a cool little feature about that app but when you look at both apps as a whole.

The Tesla is way nicer way more refined, I’ve never had it crash, I’ve never had any problems with it connecting. So if I was to choose between the mobile apps I would certainly choose the Tesla mobile app over the Bolt app.

Driving Position

One of the things that I’ve always liked about the Bolt is how you sit up, versus the model 3. You kind of sit down with of a sports sedan type feel. Whereas the Bolt you sit up you can see very well, even with the display in front or behind the steering wheel.

You can still see in front of you very well, the view is great in this car, and you know, I don’t have anything bad to say about the view, it’s been great. It’s one of the things I liked about it when we first got it.

Cell Phone Charging

One thing I liked about model 3 over the Chevy Bolt is the ability to have a wireless charging pad in the car. As far as I know, there’s no option for that for the Bolt, and while it doesn’t come stock in model 3, what comes stock is a pad that you lay your phone on and you can plug your phone up.

But as an aftermarket option, you can buy one. What I use is a nomad wireless charging pad and it’s very simple to the plugin. You just put it in replace of the pad, and you plug it into the USB ports that are in the center console, lay your phone on the pad and it charges wirelessly.

Now, you have to have a phone that can do QI wireless charging, but it’s a great option and I love that ability to be able to charge my phone wirelessly. They don’t have to plug it up, and it’s one of the things I do like about the model 3 over the Bolt.

Which One Would I Buy?

So would I buy a Chevy Bolt or would I buy a model 3? That’s a tough question because it depends on what kind of deal you can get for a Chevy Bolt.

When we got this Chevy Bolt it was a smoking deal, we paid $200, a little over $200 a month for this car and I don’t think they’re going for that now, but I felt like it was a steal and I couldn’t pass it up.

At that time we didn’t have any Tesla’s, we just had a Fiat 500e and this was our second EV. So it was a great lease when we got it. We didn’t want to buy it because I knew other EVs were coming out shortly, and I wanted to see what else came out and I didn’t want to have to commit to buying.

I wasn’t sure what kind of value they were going to hold so that is the reason we leased it, it was a great deal. But now that the mid-range model 3 is out, the standard range will probably be out I would say within six months depending on Elon time.

But with a Chevy Bolt, it doesn’t seem like they’re offering them for the price that I’m getting them or that I got it.

I think it’s just a nicer car and cost-wise I don’t think it’s you’re going to be a whole lot a lot different but that’s just my opinion.

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