Miles Per kWh Calculator

How do you calculate miles per kWh? The calculation is quite simple, all you need is the miles your EV will travel per kWh multiplied by the cost of your electricity to find how much it is costing you to run your |EV compared to a Gas car. Or you could simply use our Free calculator.

When adding data to the form below enter the mileage of both your ICE car and the EV to compare how much it will cost you to travel 100 miles for both type of vehicles.

When entering the cost for both gas and electric kWh enter as follows.

If the price of gas in your area is $2.50 per gallon enter 2.5, if the price of electricity is $0.09c per kWh enter 0.09

As you enter the data our calculator will automatically update to give you the cost to travel 100 miles for both the gas car and an electric vehicle.