Are These The Best EV For 2020?

I think a lot about how the transition towards sustainable transportation is going to go, and what ever the EV market will look like in the future.

And when I do, I go down these rabbit holes of all the different types of transportation that people use in the world.

There are a lot of vehicles, so many use cases, from commercial to consumer, and all over the world, people use different modes of transportation to get around.

Although, I guess most of us right now are stuck at home. So it started me thinking, if you could only pick one electric vehicle, one EV to rule them all, which would it be and why?

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And I asked this question on Twitter, and I got a ton of responses. It’s quite surprising.

I got almost triple the number of responses than likes or shares combined, so yes, this seems to be a question you guys were interested in.

So let’s see, go through kinda the past, present, and future of EVs. I’ll give you my pick, and then I’ll share with you a bunch of my YouTuber friends that I had answer this same question.

Let’s free the data. So in looking at all EVs ever made, past, present, future, just except concept cars, what are there out there?

What are even the options? Let’s take a quick tour through history here and see exactly how we got to where we’re at today.

In the beginning, electric vehicles were these oddly shaped little kit, kind of toy cars that didn’t really make sense but were just fun kind of science experiments.

That was until the California Mandate forced the major automakers to start making real EVs and selling them to customers in California.

Now a lot of you may be familiar with the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car by Chris Paine. It was a great movie, and if you haven’t watched it, definitely go check it out.

And what it does is chronicles how GM and other automakers, amongst other factors, killed this mandate in California and allowed these companies to stop making electric cars, and thus, it was the destruction or death of the EV industry at that time.

And in it, they profiled a specific car, the EV1 from GM. Now this was a really cool car, and it was mostly one that was there to prove
that electric vehicles are for real.

It wasn’t the most practical, being a two-seater and being small and all that, but it showed what could be possible if the engineers and the companies behind them put their best effort forward.

And at the end of the movie, there was a shot of a company named AC Propulsion that had some really cool concept cars they had been building.

Now what these guys did at AC Propulsion was really awesome and that led to a lot of other companies using their batteries and power trains.

One of which, you may have heard of, was Tesla Motors. And before Tesla developed its own power train, the company licensed AC Propulsion’s EV power system design and reductive charging patent, which covers the integration of the charging electronics with the inverter, thus reducing mass complexity and cost.

Then Tesla later designed and built their own power electronics motor and other drive train components that incorporated this licensed technology from AC Propulsion.

This was basically the birth of the original Tesla Roadster, and it was a hit. Despite it being the worst financial crisis the world had seen in decades, everyone wanted this thing.

Celebrities had it and people were lining up; reportedly, people were coming over to Elon Musk house that was personal friends trying to get one of these cars.

So since then, of course, Tesla has crushed it in the EV space, offering a myriad of cars for family folks to people that love the performance
of going to zero to 60 in 2.3 seconds, which is absolutely ludicrous.

So that gets us to where we’re at today, and of course, that was the briefest, fastest, highest level run through you’ve probably ever seen of the EV industry, so don’t be upset if I missed out a gazillion details there.

But let’s take a look at what’s coming, what we know of, that are real cars to then help us get a context of what could possibly be the best or the one EV to rule them all.

Notably, the Ford Mach-E looks promising, with its decent specs, a great interior that I absolutely love, and a good price, albeit a bit controversial with the Mustang label.

It is still really cool, and I’m really looking forward to it when it hits the market. And Volkswagen is getting into the game as well with the ID.3 in Europe and another version of that coming to the US sometime later.

If they can deliver on these specs and everything, should be a hit and should help a lot of people go electric that previously weren’t going to.

From my home state of Arizona, we have Lucid Air, which you may not have heard of in a while, but apparently, they’re making good progress there.

The factory’s coming online, and they’re doing a lot of tests with their, not just concept car but now prototypes and getting much closer to production.

And of course, we have Tesla with their new models coming. Most recently announced, we have the Cybertruck with absolutely unreal specs, a wild design that is off-putting for most, and a price that’s actually incredible.

And reportedly, there are already over 500000 reservations, so the Cybertruck, it’s a thing.

It’s gonna be wild when you see it. I really don’t know how to feel about it, but it’s coming.

And of the most interest to me is the upcoming Tesla Roadster, with the unbelievable performance. Zero to 60 in under two seconds.

And probably the craziest stat of it all, an over 600-mile range per charge.
I cannot wait to test that out.

So this thing is gonna be absolutely nuts, and reportedly, it may fly as well, we’ll see.

But the Roadster is also coming, hopefully, sooner than the Cybertruck, to be honest.

And of course, we can’t forget about Rivian with their really compelling R1T and R1S that really look to capture that spirit of adventure with a really good range.

It’s kind of the top features, like this gear locker and a bed that has outlets and all these other kinds of features, and really just a whole new look on a really advanced high tech truck that also has great power and efficiency.

So for me, this is a hard decision to make. I have two kids, I live in a suburban area in San Diego, so the Model X might be good, but I’ve had that for a while, and I really hate the doors, so that’s kind of out.

The Model Y would be good, and I do like that one, but then again, I own a home, and so, often, I’ll need to go grab a bunch of lumber for a project or something.

So maybe the Cybertruck would be good, but holy hell, it’s obnoxious looking, and I can’t really imagine driving it and just people, it just feels really bizarre.

It’s gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be badass, but it just feels really weird kind of with my lifestyle and everything.

So I think honestly for me, if I had to choose one EV and that’s the only car I could have, I would pick the Rivian R1T.

Yes, I know, it’s not a Tesla, and I’m the Tesla guy. Whatever, whatever.

But this fits all of my needs, and it doesn’t make me feel like I’m obnoxious and attention-getting and trying to be flashy or anything, which is definitely how the Cybertruck is gonna be.

So yeah, I mean, I know it lacks the supercharger network, which is one bummer. But with 400 miles range, that is enough to make the typical road trips that my family and I do.

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